Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Up for a challenge?

Hey there,
So I've been reading a lot of blogs out there where the quilters have some sort of fabric challenge.  They get the fabric and have to create something with it.  So in my sleep deprived brain I was thinking we should do something similar.  We could exchange something from our stash/scraps, make a quilt and return it to the other person.  It could be win-win, we get to be creative, maybe leave our comfort zones a bit, and de-stash (thus freeing room for more fabric?). What do you think?
Afterthought-  It could also be a WIP that you think you might never finish or something you just want done so you can donate it.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Never ending baby quilts

Hey there,
  So here's a couple of pics of recent finishes.  The first one is a panel quilt that I did some stitch in the ditch around the blocks.  It has a bit of a franken-back but I wasn't going to the store to get more fabric.

The second one is a plus inspired quilt with scrappy blocks.  It's for a male grade one teacher and his girlfriend who are expecting this spring.  She's an artist and very bohemian so scrappy seems to be the way to go for her.  This one was designed on an envelope back.  I know, very technical, who needs computer software.

Some straight line quilting in the scrappy blocks.
So what's up with you?

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Plus quilt?

Hey there,
  So I've seen a lot of these out there, and pinned a few and part of me thinks I need to make me one of these.  I've actually got a small scrappy baby version of this on the go but I might need to make me a giant one like in the pic.

I think I'm nearly caught up on the baby quilts I'm going to need in the next few months so I might have to make one of these.
  Second thought-  I might have to make up a list of  projects that need to be done and a list of want to be dones to give myself some motivation/accountability.  What would your list look like?

Friday, January 24, 2014

High School Sweethearts

  So today I gave Patti her quilt and she loved it.  We had a little hug and cry in the hallway today (my kids were looking at me like I was crazy but one of them actually asked if I was okay).  She liked their names I free motioned into the bottom and said Rick would love the Harley colours.  I love giving quilts when you know the "giftee" really appreciated it.  What's up with you?  Do you plans for those crazy hexies you are making?

Sunday, January 12, 2014

First Finish of 2014

Hey there,
  So I actually finished something to post about.  The top was done this summer but I finished it up this weekend.  I had made the top and then folded it up and left it.  When we got back after Christmas one of our EA's announced she was getting married.  The interesting part was that she is a mom of college/high school boys who had recently gotten divorced.  Somehow she reconnected with her high school sweetheart 30 years later, they started dating, got engaged in December and are getting married in two weeks.  She's a great lady and I thought of course that they needed a quilt and hey, I happen to have a top that I didn't know who it belonged to until I heard her news.  So I made a back (grey and orange-cause he has a Harley), quilted it in wavy lines, free motioned their names into the border and found some material in the stash to bind it.  I hope they like it.  So here it is, High School Sweethearts.

The back and some of the quilting.

What's been happening in your creative craft space?