Sunday, September 7, 2014

Minion Quilt #1

Hey there,
Just a couple of pics of quilts that we gave Paxton.

Looks great!,

Thursday, September 4, 2014


Hey there,
 I saw this picture and was thinking that after the last couple days this might apply to my life this year.  Made me laugh anyway.  What's up with you.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Productivity of a different kind

Hey there,  not a lot of quilting going on today but we got our second chest of drawers assembled and moved into our bedroom.  They look pretty good. Her

Sign production

Hey there,
  Mr. Her is wondering if you are starting a etsy store for signs or if you have back order requested signs to make?

Two more days of being productive before holidays!

I took Mr. Her's advice and put the blue as the binding.  It looks great!!

I found something that Mr. Her needs: 

You have to admit, it's pretty cool!!

I finished the top of the ballerina quilt:
I left this on our bed because I had to go golfing.  Mr. Me didn't even complain so I might be able to keep it on our bed!!  This is another one I want to finish when I come to visit!!  I'm planning on coming up middle of  August.

I finished all the baby blankets for Carrie and Brad.  The material that Carrie picked out is so cute!!  I love the birds and elephants. 

I ran down to Noonan and picked up more material.  I have a slight obsession with Basic Grey - Grunge.  I'm not sure I bought enough!!

I found a couple of patterns to use all of this in but now I need the lighter colours for each of the bright colours.

I bought a range of blues for a Norther Lights quilt for Mr. ME's Mom.  Not sure when we are going to give it to her.  

It won't be for a while because I need to find material for Mr. ME's Dad.  I'm searching for some John Deere material.  Something not too busy or kid-ish.  I think I'm going to make his a Northern Lights too.

My goal today is to exercise, do laundry, start packing, and quilting 2 quilts!!  I think I can do this because I'm going to do straight lines on one of the quilts and a meandering on the other.

Happy Thursday!